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Litfy Africa - Software Company in Harare, Zimbabwe

Litfy Africa is a Software Design & Development Company based in Harare, Zimbabwe with a mission of enhancing your life regardless of your circumstances through digital & financial literacy and various life skills. Our services are centred around fullfing our mission to you. To fulfill our mission we are a software company first then a school of business, and computing that teach what it does for a living.

As a Software Company we offer you Custom Software Solutions that range from Point of Sales (POS), Mobile Applications, Small to Medium Entreprises (SME's) Management Systems to help you manage your business operations smoothly, Web Applications, and E-commerce Websites. Moreover Litfy Africa offer Digital Marketing Services that range from Market Research, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Search Engine Optimisation, Website Design & Development, Email Marketing, and Google Advertising.

We identify ourselves as a School of Computing & Business by providing courses in Computing, Business, and Life Skills category. Our life skills category might not be popular at University or other Institutions but they are practical skills one can learn, apply. The goal is to enable you make a comfortable living, and even start a business around your skills. Inorder to achieve this we partner will various artists, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals to share their way of life with you.

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About Us


To be the largest producer of competent leaders in Business, and Technology in Africa.


Litfy Africa Private Limited is a Software Company with a mission of enhancing people's lives regardless of their circumstances through digital & financial literacy and various life skills.


Litfy Africa's vision is nurturing a culture and spirit of self-reliance and financial independence in humanity.

We seek to be the most preffered Software Development Company & School of Business & Computing in Harare, Zimbabwe that offers websites, digital marketing solutions, software development services & provide training in computers, business & various life skills.

We are A Software Company And School Of
Computing & Business

Taking Your Education to Next
Level with Various Life Skills

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Litfy Africa School Of Computing & Business

Best Solution for Skill Development

Education is our passion and we offer you courses in digital literacy (computing) & financial literacy (business) and various life skills. Digital literacy courses covers Computers Basics, The Internet, Productivity Programs (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint & Outlook), Computer Programming, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Mobile App Development and Blockchain Development.

Financial literacy courses covers accounting, investing, marketing, sales, emotional intelligence, psychology, economics, public speaking and business law. We offer various life skills and promote them by connecting students and tutors in venues around their communities online and offline.These life skills are broad from phone repairs, forex trading, baking, digital marketing, perfume making, fashion design etc

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